The Ultimate Bath Time Experience



The Ultimate Bath-time Experience

Since showers have become more popular, poor old bath-time seems to have become neglected. Of course, there are times when a shower is the ideal choice, when you have to get clean in a hurry before work or going out. There are other times when only a bath will do and at Rue and Rose we are on a mission to bring back bath-time.



We are not talking an ordinary everyday bath-time though, follow our hints and tips for the ultimate bath-time experience.

  1. Create an ambiance – the bath should be seen as a safe haven, a place to relax and soothe your cares away. It’s important to set the scene properly. Dim the lights or fragrant candles are a must. If you can, place numerous candles around the tub, preferably with complementary scents so you don’t get overwhelmed by the aroma. Make sure that everyone else in the home knows that you are not to be disturbed. It’s important to really relax and enjoy some ‘me’ time. 

  2. Let there be air – don’t let your bathroom become too steamy or stuffy. If possible open windows (unless you are in the depths of a very harsh winter), fresh air is good for you and helps you to relax.

  3. Choose your treats – pour yourself a lovely glass of chilled wine or sparkling water, this is a total treat, remember! 

  4. Don’t go too hot – when running your bath try not to use too much hot water. Apart from the fact it is bad for your skin, it also raises your blood pressure which isn’t conducive to the relaxing experience you are looking for!


5. Use a luxurious bath product. As you run your bath, gently drizzle some relaxing bath oil or sprinkle some bath salts under the faucet. Natural products work best as they will soothe you and moisturize your skin at the same time. For the ultimate in dreamy, luxurious bath experiences why not try Rue and Rose Lavender Bath Salts?

Lavender is the absolute last word in tranquillity, so it’s the perfect partner for your bath. Not only is it great for relaxation, it also helps to soothe sore muscles so it’s a great choice after a busy day. 

6. Chose some relaxing music to play, anything instrumental is good, or alternatively you might like to choose sounds of nature such as  ocean waves or rainfall.

7. Turn off any electronic devices, put a ‘Do not Disturb’ sign on the bathroom door, take your clothes off and ease gently into a delicately fragranced warming bath. And breathe! Don’t forget that this bath isn’t really about getting clean, so don’t worry about washing your body or your hair. This bath is more of a spiritual cleansing soak. It’s a time to relax and enjoy the peace and quiet with the gentle lapping of water at your skin and the sumptuous aromas of lavender wafting around you. Pure bliss!