What Can You Do About Acne?

When you stop to think about it our skin does an amazing job. It protects our body and face, helps to regulate our temperature and gives a good external indication of our general health. Many of us want our skin to look its best. It stands to reason, well-cared for hydrated skin gives us an attractive glow and ensures that we look our healthiest. But, what happens when your skin isn’t playing ball? What do you do then? Two of the most common problems that affect people’s skin are acne and eczema. 

Acne Spot Treatment

Contrary to what people might think acne is not generally related to a person’s diet or lifestyle. It’s just a simple condition in which the skin produces too much sebum creating blockages around the hair follicles in your skin. This causes spots and boils which at least can be uncomfortable, and at the worst can be painful and unsightly. Like many conditions, hormones have a role to play and it’s no coincidence that the onset of puberty often corresponds with the beginning of acne issues, although acne can affect you at any stage of life. It’s not a dangerous condition, although infection of boils could be a concern, it can be a miserable complaint, causing discomfort and low self-esteem. It can also lead to scarring too. Tablets and topical treatments are available, but a good skincare routine can also play its part in helping to reduce the impact of acne on your skin.

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Use a very gentle soap or preferably a soap-free cleanser to cleanse your face twice a day. Follow this with a gentle toning product like a rosewater spray, finish off with a gentle moisturizer that has been formulated for oily skin. Don’t be tempted to use harsh products on your skin, as these will just irritate and potentially produce more oil. Drink plenty of water and resist the urge to touch your face during the day or even worse pick at spots which could lead to scarring.

Rue and Rose Botanicals have created a gentle Organic Rosewater Spray which is perfect for use on acne prone skin. Made from locally sourced organic rose petals, this is a pure rosewater spray (with just a hint of alcohol solely for preservative purposes) which smells as good as it sounds! Use as part of your daily routine instead of toner (toners can be very harsh on sensitive skin). Rosewater is ideal because it has antibacterial properties which will help to soothe irritated skin and inflammation.  It doesn’t dry the skin excessively which is often the case with some skincare products, that soak up excess oil leaving skin irritated and uncomfortable.

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Many people suffer from eczema which can appear in young babies or any stage of life. It is a type of dermatitis created by exceptionally dry skin which becomes itchy and irritated. There are a number of different types of eczema. Its cause is unknown, but it is thought to be the immune system’s reaction to irritation.  Eczema is characterized by large patches of red, irritated skin which can often be itchy. This itchiness can lead to open wounds. Again, there are medications which can help to deal with this condition and certain lifestyle changes can be made. Steer clear of potential irritants, including soaps, washing powders and detergents and some fabrics and fragrances. A gentle cleansing routine should be implemented using products that have been specially formulated for sensitive skin conditions. 


With this in mind Rue and Rose Botanicals have formulated our very own Skin Elixir for Eczema. We have mixed Calendula infused oils with Raspberry, Carrot Seed, Frankincense, Sandalwood and Aloe Vera to create a soothing serum which will help to ease itchiness and irritation. It is gentle enough to use on eczema prone skin without creating further inflammation and provides some relief from the itchiness so prevalent with the condition.

Rue and Rose Botanicals Skin Elixir for Eczema 

Dealing with skin problems can be difficult, but choosing the right products can have wonderful results, so don’t suffer in silence! We have a range of natural skincare products and herbal sprays which are inspired and developed by harnessing nature’s great store cupboard of ingredients. Have a look at our website for more products and information about us.

About Rue and Rose Botanicals:

Rue and Rose Botanicals is a California based health and beauty company. Founded in 2015 as a modern-day herbal practice, our products are medicinally focused and remedy-based. Rue and Rose products are thoughtfully created and fuelled by the healing power of flowers and herbs. At Rue and Rose Botanicals we seek balance between functionality and indulgence throughout our entire product line.

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