Arnica helps with inflammation, arthritis and even bruising

“Ordinarily when an injury occurs, the body's inflammatory response works to fight infections, initiate repair of damages and clear away debris and toxins. As the inflammation progresses, however, the body's response can easily get out of hand, with the affected area becoming red, swollen, painful and hot to touch. Arnica contains compounds that can modulate the inflammatory response and help dissipate trapped blood and fluid in injured muscles, tissues and joints. It can diminish bruising, as well.”

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Preparations of fresh or dried arnica flowers contain larger concentrations of the herb's active ingredients.

Known for its remarkable healing properties, Arnica montana has been used for centuries to treat the effects of accidents and injuries.

Reduces inflammation

  • Reduces pain

  • Protects against some damage to capillaries (the small blood vessels that are damaged when bruising occurs)

  • Reduces oedema (fluid and swelling)

It also seems to improve circulation in the tissues where it is applied, and strengthen blood vessels.

This is our Arnica salve which also has comfrey in it:

Comfrey and Cottonwood Bud are the key ingredients in this lovely salve – a popular item for our clients that have overdone it a bit and are looking for a wee bit of a boost.

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