Freshly Waxed or Have a New Tattoo? Calming Oil

Our amazing organic and all natural skin serum for normal skin will help moisturize and protect your skin as well as help repair damaged skin cells.

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Do you have a fresh new tattoo or an older tattoo that can use some love?

Our calming oil is fabulous for bikini was and new tattoos.

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Our blend includes Calendula to promote healing of dry skin, scrapes, chafing, irritation & sunburn . Green Tea oil for its nourishing and hydrating qualities, Rosehip Seed oil for its natural exfoliating properties, Rosewood for tissue-regeneration along with thyme-infused jojoba and borage seed oil for their natural anti-inflammatory benefits. In addition to these ingredients we include black currant and pomegranate seed oils for additional benefits. Our proprietary blend of essential oils also supports skin healing. .5 or 1 fl oz bottle. Handmade in the USA. 


All organic - green tea oil, jojoba oil, abyssinian seed oil, chardonnay seed oil, carrot seed co2 extract, chia seed oil, raspberry seed oil, borage seed oil, black currant seed oil, pomegranate seed oil, rose, neroli, rosewood, jasmine, pine & vetiver essential oils, red pine extract, red seaweed extract, rosemary co2 extract and vitamin E.

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