Rue & Rose Botanicals
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Handcrafted, small batch, luxurious products for your wellbeing

About Us

We are friends who came together to match the power of healing touch and the magical properties of plants into amazing products. Our backgrounds are different. One is a massage therapist, the other a garden designer but our goal is the same. Our goal is to help remedy your discomfort with herbal products.

Asha is a 30 year veteran of massage therapy who has traveled extensively throughout many different countries working within diverse communities and cultures. She has spent many rewarding days with indigenous peoples such as the Hopi and Deni' and including Maoris, Fijians and farmers throughout Europe, Central America, and the South Pacific. From these cultural experiences, she has gathered a wealth of knowledge about medicine, herbs and healing modalities that she can use in her work today.

Sandra is a 4th generation plant person. Her family has in the floral trade, landscape design growing and raising food and consulting certified master gardener services; it is in her genes. Sandra tends all our growing fields to nurture the best out of all of our organic ingredients.

About Rue and Rose

Rue and Rose Botanicals is a California based health and beauty collective founded in 2015 as a modern-day herbal practice. Our products are medicinally focused and remedy-based. Rue and Rose's products are created giving respect to the plant and its intended purpose. Fueled by the healing power of flowers and herbs. At Rue and Rose Botanicals we seek a balance between functionality and indulgence throughout our entire product line.

Rue and Rose's products are handcrafted in small batches, and custom orders are available. With a strong commitment to quality, only the highest caliber ingredients go into our products. We believe that products should be both mindful and sumptuous without compromise.