Arnica and Eucalyptus Bath Salts

Arnica and Eucalyptus Bath Salts

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Our Arnica and Eucalyptus bath salts will help relieve all your aches and pains. Our base of sea and epsom salts help provide vital minerals and fight muscle aches. Our blend of oils help these nutrients absorb in the body and provide further relief. Because oil and water do not combine, Please be carful when exiting your tub as the surfaces my be slippery.

Ingredients: Sea and Epsom salts, Abyssinian seed oil*, Arnica infused jojoba oil*, Eucalyptus essential* and all natural plant based fragrance oils.


Sherry K - "I absolutely love this bath salt. It smells wonderful, makes my skin feel so soft and helps restore my body after my strenuous workouts with my trainer."

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