Boundary Spray

Boundary Spray


How to use:

Spray when you need protection or clearing of undesirable energy. It’s a great spray to use in establishing boundaries for difficult energies. Inspired by the Native American tradition of using herbs to protect the surrounding environment from negative energy. Clients have found that using this spray when they are overwhelmed and extended beyond capacity this spray has helped them to feel grounded and able to handle the task at hand. THis spray is helpful in creating a sacred space for meditation or contemplation.

Essential Oils Emotional Healing Attributes:

Fennel (Benefits the solar plexus chakra), An oil of protection, Fennel is used for clairvoyance, longevity, fertility, healing, love, purification, and strength. It is also used in this manner to prevent negativity and provide protection from harmful spells. In spells, Fennel can be used alone or with other like herbs for courage, divination, cleansing, strength, energy, meditation, virility, psychic protection. Hung in doorways or windows, Fennel protects from evil and sorcery, and placed in keyholes, it protects against the spirits of the dead. Grown around the outside of the home, Fennel provides protection from evil influences and negativity

Lemon (Benefits the solar plexus chakra), is an oil that acts as a spiritual cleanser enabling the user to focus and center. It allows the psyche to attract positivity. It opens one to the fruitfulness of life. Lemon is one of the Angelic Fragrances

Rosemary (Benefits the sacral chakra), Rosemary Essential Oil helps the spirit to receive assistance on the spiritual highway. It is one of the Angelic Fragrances. Rosemary Essential Oil brings protection to the unwell. It is used to bring the healing elements of angelic beings forward. Rosemary is one of the oldest incenses. It is often burned to help get rid of negativity. It increases creativity by lifting exhaustion and it philosophically awakens your heart, inspires creativity, supports positive mood, and restores physical energy.

Hyssop (Benefits the sacral chakra), Is an oil of Awakening, Balance & Encouragement. It has properties of Cleansing, Protection & Purification Hyssop is a holy herb that awakens the heart, brings acceptance and tolerance to balance one to the Universe, and encourages unconditional love. Hyssop enables a clarity of spirit and used for removal of emotional uncleanliness and assistance in the expansion of the protective beings.

Juniper (Benefits the sacral chakra), the oil of Spiritual Enlightenment. it has properties of Health, Love & Protection. Juniper Essential Oil clears obstructions on our pathway to the divine spirit allowing enlightenment and inner vision. When Juniper Essential Oil is inhaled, a cleansing, purifying action takes place, leaving one feeling more sincere mentally and spiritually. It uplifts the heart, mind, and spirit. It is one of the Angelic Fragrances.

Juniper Essential Oil assists during purification, perhaps after nightmares or such like. It can be used during meditation to help bring the beings of light into the setting, and to understand why negative experiences may be troubling us.

Vetivert Essential Oil is calming and balancing. It helps one to remain calm and centered when facing adversity. Vetivert Essential Oil helps promote restful sleep and calm dreams. It helps to protect one from negativity. It promotes love to all.

Magickal Properties: Grounding, Protection

*2 oz bottle has approximately 450 sprays

*4 oz bottle has approximately 950 spr

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