Organic Coffee, Calendula, Sugar Scrub

Organic Coffee, Calendula, Sugar Scrub

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Our customers REALLY love our Coffee and Calendula Sugar Cellulite Scrub:

“A delicious blend of awakening espresso with the gentle scents of calendula and brown sugar was really a treat!” Alyssa C. 

“I LOVE it! First off, it’s a great wake-up scrub for the morning, Secondly, as an all-over body scrub, it makes my skin SO soft and supple. I’m a huge fan.” Tiffany C. 

This invigorating all over body scrub is ideal for cellulite and is comprised of a thoroughly tested blend of all organic ingredients that includes brown sugar, ground coffee, jojoba oil and calendula oil. Coffee is ideal for tackling cellulite due to its caffeine and antioxidants, proven to mitigate the appearance of cellulite by dilating blood vessels to tone and tighten tissue, as well as increase circulation and reduce water retention. Calendula oil is also added as it is well known for its anti-inflammatory and vulnerary properties.

We highly recommend following your scrub with our Coffee and Calendula Body Butter for an effective, all natural cellulite treatment. As usual, all of our ingredients are organic! 4 fl or 8 fl oz jar. Handmade in the USA. 


All organic – calendula oil, jojoba oil, other essential oils, brown sugar, ground coffee. 

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