Red Rose and Hibiscus Sugar Body Scrub

Red Rose and Hibiscus Sugar Body Scrub

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Our luscious sugar body scrub is made from a mix of both organic brown sugar and
organic cane sugar for a gentle exfoliation, with organic red rose and hibiscus petals
added to give it a wonderful scent. The addition of cardamom (an Indian spice) lends an
exotic touch while improving blood circulation, and vanilla and calendula jojoba oil
(derived from marigold flowers) help to soothe your skin, even dry and itchy skin
conditions. Your winter skin will now be soft to the touch! 4 fl oz jar. All organic
ingredients. Handmade in the USA.

All organic – ylang ylang, elemi, vanilla bean, calendula, hibiscus flowers, rose petals,
cardamom, jojoba oil, almond oil, cane sugar, brown sugar, essential oils.

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