Chakra Spray Set

Chakra Spray Set


This set of four Chakra sprays will help to bring you balance and well being, ideal for meditation and stress relief. Included in this set are the following four sprays, each a 4 fl oz spray bottle (approx. 950 sprays). Makes a wonderful stress relief care package to send to someone who could use a little stress relief! External use only. Handmade in the USA.


Spray when you need protection or clearing of undesirable energy. It’s a great spray to use in establishing boundaries for difficult energies. Inspired by the Native American tradition of using herbs to protect the surrounding environment from negative energy, clients have found that using this spray helpful when feeling overwhelmed or extended beyond capacity. This spray is also helpful in creating a sacred space for meditation or contemplation. Contains the essential oils of fennel, lemon, rosemary, hyssop, juniper, and vetiver.

This spray pulls together a wide array of essential oils that help to calm emotions and help clear mental chatter so that we can tune into the frequency of our intuition and higher self. Contains the essential oils of neroli, rose, cedarwood, angelica, lavender, geranium, cistus, frankincense, jasmine and chamomile.


This unique smudge spray is like having a liquid smudge stick in a bottle and is perfect for banishing negative energy and bringing in the positive. This is our most grounding and non traditional Native American rooted formula. The spray is light weight and traditional smelling without the overpowering strength of Ceremonial White Sage smoke. We use this spray before we prepare products, do energy work or work with clients. Contains the essential oils of cedarwood, lavender and pine. 

Vibrational sprays have long been known for the ability to calm and soothe and sharpen mental focus. Most importantly, they can calm emotions and uplift body, mind, and spirit. This uplifting energy spray has essential oils of grapefruit, cedarwood, wild orange, and rose.

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