Spring Room Spray

Spring Room Spray


Our herbal vibrational sprays are handmade from the vibrations (or energies) of a special blend of essential oils. This particular blend features the scents and aromas of spring and helps to align your mood and provide a sense of peace, in addition to the other useful purposes below. With a long history for their connection to the third eye, these oils are known for their grounding properties. Stress relief in every spray! 4 oz. spray bottle (approx. 950 sprays). External use only. Handmade in the USA.

ROSEWOOD is an ancient oil long associated with the heart chakra, with a compassionate and healing feminine energy. It helps to accent the innate qualities of compassion and love, feminine grace and intuitive health is enhanced.

NEROLI has been known for centuries as a relaxant and a mood up lifter.

YLANG YLANG has a long-standing reputation as anti-depressant, aphrodisiac and for imparting a feeling of well being.

JASMINE has a history of use for divination and attracting love.

VETIVER has a reputation for its soothing properties, grounding and is comforting and refreshing.

DARK PATCHOULI is known for its stress busting properties.


Water, alcohol, rosewood essential oil, neroli essential oil, ylang ylang essential oil, jasmine essential oil, vetiver essential oil and dark patchouli essential oil.

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